LV ABC Fittings

All Round Supplies have a comprehensive range of LV ABC (aerial bundled cable) fittings for the installation and maintenance of low voltage distribution systems.

We have a vast selection of house service connectors (HSC), bare and insulated piercing connectors (IPC), tap off connectors (TOC), multi-port connectors (MSC) and main connection boxes (MCB). We also carry fuse switches and holders, strain and suspension clamps, pre-insulated lugs and sleeves, brackets, hooks, caps and all the necessary tools to construct and complete an LV ABC network.

House Service Connectors

  • House service connectors
  • Tin-plated
  • Shear-off ID tags
  • Double-bolt

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Insulation Piercing Connectors

  • Insulated piercing connectors
  • Insulated copper or aluminium
  • Bare aluminium
  • Bare copper

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Tap Off Connectors

  • Tap off connectors
  • Bare aluminium or copper
  • Bare aluminium
  • Bare copper

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  • Wall and pole-mount
  • Fascia and rafter-mount
  • Switch brackets
  • Tombstone bracket

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  • J-hook
  • Q-hook
  • Double-suspension hook
  • Pole attachment hook

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  • Suspension clamps
  • Strain clamps

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  • Copper compression lugs
  • Aluminium compression lugs

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  • Full-tension sleeves
  • Non-tension sleeves
  • Insulated sleeves

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  • Insulated cable test point
  • Core separators
  • 2-way ratchet spanners
  • Running sheaves

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